Improving Real-Time Management

Effective real-time monitoring relies on the right reports to gauge compliance and clear procedures for acting as you see variations. The existence of a clearly defined process for dealing with adherence issues is not something you want to give to your workforce management team; it’s the responsibility of your operations team and will allow you to base your future staffing and forecasting decisions on data, not assumptions and optimism.

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Real-time management is a great way to reduce operational costs, thereby reducing the necessity to buy additional agents. It can also increase the customer’s satisfaction by ensuring they aren’t waiting long for support. Burnout among support staff can be prevented by addressing issues immediately. This can also help customers save time later when they complain about their experience.

It is essential to assign someone to monitor the real-time management tool throughout the day. This can be a dedicated individual, a role that is assigned to team members or a task which a knockout post is included in an employee’s job description. It is important that it gets done and that it is an integral part of the daily workflow.

It is vital that everyone is aware of the benefits of the new procedure. Inquiring for feedback from your employees will help you understand how they’re adapting to change. It also gives you the opportunity to address any issues.

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